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Jincheng Group Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd has eight business plates which are motorcycles, vehicles, hydraulic products,components, mechanical equipments, construction machine products, Imp. & Exp.  agent and others. The total amount for import and export is 200 million dollars every year in average. Jincheng is the key export company of Chinese motorcycle industry meanwhile Jincheng motorcycle is also a famous brand supported by Ministry of Commerce of China. The export for Jincheng hydraulic products is also at the forefront of this industry. Right now Jincheng is by adopting diversification strategy and concentric circles development pattern, committed to become internationalization platform of Jincheng group and China aviation industry mechanical and electrical system for related products, technologies and services, providing for the customer from the product to the comprehensive solution of the system, gradually achieving by traders to the transition of the important contributors to the whole value chain management, and striving to enter the Top 500 of China import and export enterprises.

Jincheng motorcycle industry started in the late 1970‘s. Within thirty years, Jincheng group cooperates with Japan Suzuki and Italy Piaggio group, gradually developed into backbone enterprises of China's motorcycle industry. First-class production line and high quality products makes Jincheng motorcycle enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad.
Jincheng hydraulic industry started in the 1960’s. Within 50 years, jincheng group outreach and extensive joint venture cooperation with international famous group, gradually develops into the Chinese hydraulic industry backbone enterprises. With first-class production line and high quality products, Jincheng hydraulic enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad.
Vehicle industry mergers eight companies such as Anhui Kaile, Liuzhou Chenglong, Shanghai aviation special vehicle, and Liaoning Luping machine Co., LTD., etc., set up the development platform of vehicle industry for AVIC, makes the vehicle industry development in the direction of large-scale, industrialization and intensification. 
Jincheng group import and export co., LTD successfully achieve the general agent in mainland China for Japanese TAKEDA machinery co., LTD which is the famous brand of steel structure machine tool. Jincheng will use the opportunity of proxying TAKEDA  to participate in domestic steel structure of machine tool industry.
Vehicle spare parts department was established in November 2010 who is mainly responsible for the market of motorcycle spare parts procurement and sales. The main sales market is Africa and South America. The department has a professional team with solidarity and collaboration and without fear of endures hardship, challenges.In the past few years the department has achieved good results. In addition to the motorcycle spare parts they also implements the first batch of sales of water pump, engine products

Jincheng construction machinery products began to gradually enter the international market from 2009. With jincheng core technology, with ROBIN, HONDA and other international and domestic well-known brand engine, to provide competitive, quality stable and series products for Asia, America, South America and other countries.

Since its establishment Jincheng Group Imp. & Exp. Co.,LTD. has gradually expanded its business from the traditional motorcycle export business to all kinds of foreign trade import and export products ,operating the import and export agency business.

Since its establishment Jincheng Group Imp. & Exp. Co.,LTD. has gradually expanded its business from the traditional motorcycle export business to all kinds of foreign trade import and export products such as steel coil, generator and so on.

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